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Alignment Services Available in Auburn

Most people know to check their wheel alignment if they notice that their tires are wearing out unevenly or too quickly. However what many people do not realize is that your car alignment is also responsible for your car drifting when you release the steering wheel for a second, and for difficulty turning one direction more than the other. Our car alignment technicians are highly experienced in every aspect of wheel alignment service. From individual wheel alignment to whole car alignment, we have more than 30 years of experience in alighment issues to help get your car back on the road and driving straight as quickly as possible.
  • Complete Car Alignment Service
  • Individual Wheel Alignment and Toe Alignment
  • Highly Experienced With Over 30 Years in Every Aspect of Alignment Service
Each mile that you drive in a vehicle that doesn’t have proper wheel alignment is a mile more of improper wear and tear on your tires, steering, and other pieces of your car that rely on proper car alignment to function without undue wear. You will save more money in the long run by getting your car alignment serviced now, rather than waiting to see what breaks or wears out because your car is out of alignment.

Wheel Alignment Repair in Auburn for Longer Tire LIfe

Did you know that a car that is out of alignment can use up the tread on your tires up to 50% quicker than a car with proper wheel alignment? And with the cost of tires in today’s world, that can add up to a ton of money over the course of just a few months. In addition to improper wheel alignment wearing tires out too quickly, it also causes tires to wear out in an unsafe manner. The inside edge of the tire can wear out far before the outside edge is even showing signs of wear. This can cause a person to think that his tires have a ton of life left on them, and then suddenly to experience a high speed blow out because the inside of the tire was wearing quicker than the outside.

Proper Car Alignment Increases Gas Mileage and Improves Drivability

A simple wheel alignment procedure can ensure that your tires wear evenly. Don't run the risk of a blow out because the tires are out of alignment. Bring your car into the wheel alignment experts and let us show you how our alignment service can save you money, tires, and worry.

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