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Alternator Repair

Alternator Repair Services for the Auburn Community

Few things can cause as odd a sequence of events that lead to your car dying beside the road as your alternator. When your alternator needs repair you will notice things like your radio starting to cut out, and your headlights dimming. Sometimes your heater will be one of the first things to go. But eventually it always ends the same way, with your engine starting to miss, and then stopping all together. Alternator repair or alternator replacement is critical for the operation of your vehicle. Especially when your alternator is what makes sure that your battery has enough charge to run your headlights, brake lights, and windshield wipers. With such safety devices running off the power received from your alternator, you should always make sure that your alternator is in good repair. We are an alternator repair shop that has been performing alternator repair and alternator replacement for over 30 years, and bring not only our experience, but our commitment to excellence in workmanship, to every alternator repair, alternator replacement, and alternator rebuild that we do.
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Your alternator is an electromagnetic generator that uses the motion of the crankshaft to generate electricity in order to charge the battery and run the vital electronic components of your vehicle. Without an alternator to recharge, even the best battery would be exhausted after a few minutes of full use.

Alternator Replacement and Rebuilds Available in Auburn

Often we can conduct an alternator rebuild on your alternator. Returning it to as good as new functionality. This helps to reduce waste as well as cost. We can get your alternator rebuild done quickly and sometimes without waiting for hard to find parts. With an alternator rebuild, we’ll get your car back on the road quickly and for a great value.

Why Choose Our Alternator Repair Shop in Auburn?

If you are in need of an alternator replacement, look no farther than A Street Automotive. With access to nearly every make and model, we’re sure to have the alternator replacement that’s right for you. Put the decades of experience that our alternator repair shop technicians have to work for you, and make sure that you get the correct alternator replacement for your car. It isn’t worth risking further damage to your vehicle by letting an inexperienced tech put in the wrong alternator replacement. The incorrect alternator replacement can damage your battery, wiring, starter, fuses, and even your creature comforts inside the car. Call the expert alternator repair shop today for your alternator repair and alternator replacement needs!

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