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Car Interior

Car Interior Repair Services in Auburn

Are you looking for car window motor repair, seat belt repair or other car interior repair services? If your vehicle needs door handle repair or window motor repair, bring it to the areas number one choice for car interior repair: A Street Automotive. Some automotive repair shops only want to work on the engine or car frame when you bring your vehicle to them. We make your choice for car interior repair services easy by coupling it with a full service automotive repair facility. We can take care of seat belt repair or car window motor repair or any of your other car interior repair items at the same time as we are servicing your car's motor or body.
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Car Window Motor Repair for Auburn Area Vehicles

Are you one of those people driving around with duct tape covering the section of your window that was left open when your window motor quit working? Our car window motor repair experts can get your truck & car door window repair done quickly and efficiently, and sometimes even at the same time as your next oil change or tune up. Maybe you have to climb in your car from the passenger side and then slide over to the driver’s side because your door handle is broken off? We can get that repaired for you too! We’ll take care of your door handle repair and restore your vehicle entry dignity and in no time at all you’ll be entering your vehicle like the rest of us.

Seat Belt Repair and Door Handle Repair in Auburn

car-window-motor-repair-auburn-waA Street Automotive isn’t just restricted to door handle repair and truck & car window motor repair; we also offer seat belt repair. We can take care of many of the creature comforts that may not be completely necessary to make your car run, but sure make using it easier. Whatever car interior repair you need, give us a call and let us get it fixed for you. Nothing can trash a vehicles interior like being forced to leave a window partially open because your window motor repair hasn’t been completed. Moisture can leak in and settle in the bottom of the car and cause serious rust damage if not taken care of quickly. Seat belt repair is another very important car interior repair specialty that we offer. Not only are they required, but seat belts are a very important safety feature that a car should never be without. Bring all of your car interior repair needs to A Street Automotive and let us help make your ride more comfortable. Give us a call today at (253) 833-1000!

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