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Tune Up Services for Most Makes and Models

If you are looking to save some money, have you ever thought about taking your vehicle in for a car tune up? A car tune up can not only help your car have more power and run more smoothly, but it can also increase your gas mileage by a ton. An engine that is out of tune and not running within the parameters that it was intended to actually wastes gas every time a piston fires. Added up over the course of a trip or drive, this wasted gas accounts for gallons at a time, not to mention the added wear and tear on the un-tuned engine.

Same Day Car Tune Up in Services for Auburn Area Vehicles

A Street Automotive has over 30 years of experience in engine tuning and vehicle tune ups. We can help save you gas and money as well as wear and tear on your engine. Our car tune-up will pay for itself in time.
  • Highly Experienced in Car Engine Tune-up
  • Over 30 Years Conducting Car Tune Ups
  • Helps With Fuel Efficiency and Engine Wear
Our experience in car tune-up services allows us to recognize quickly a car that just needs a car tune up and a car that has something else wrong with it. We can focus on your cars specific needs rather than wasting time with other areas that aren’t in need of attention. We specialize in tune ups and will complete your engine tuning quickly and custom towards whatever your engines needs are.

Tune Ups and Maintenance Services Available in Auburn

car-tune-up-auburn-waSometimes tune ups and maintenance services are required to bring your vehicle's engine up to the performance specifications that you need from it. If you like to bring your car down to the race track, or are simply looking to get the most performance out of your engine that you can; bring your car in to the tune up experts for a visit. We can perform engine tune ups for high-level performance as well as just for daily driving. We’ll get your engine functioning at peak performance without the dangerous compromises that some other places are known to do. Our tune ups can provide:
  • Increased Horse Power
  • Better Gas Mileage
  • Smoother Quieter Engine Operation
With the experienced car tune up experts, you’ll have the best of your vehicle's performance and efficiency, without sacrificing its longevity. Come see A Street Automotive for all your truck, SUV or car tune up needs and let us show you the incredible value that we bring to every engine tune up we do.

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