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Climate Control Repair

Heater Core Replacement Services for Auburn Area Vehicles

Is your auto climate control not working? It may be time for a heater core replacement in your vehicle. Especially as we enter the summer or winter months, auto climate control heat/cool becomes less of a luxury, and more of a necessity. Often when a vehicle is in need of climate control repair or heater core replacement, it will neither heat, nor cool the interior of the vehicle. This poses two major problems, the first of which is the most important. Suddenly you have no way of clearing fog and ice from your windshield, and will have dangerously restricted vision. Secondly it can be extremely uncomfortable in your vehicle without heat for the winter or cool air for the summer. We offer heater core repair and heater core replacement service for most makes and models.

Why Choose Us When You Need Heater Core Repair?

If your auto climate control for heat or cooling is not working in your vehicle, make a call to the heater core repair specialists.
  • Over 30 Years of Climate Control Repair Experience
  • Superior Auto Climate Control Service and Repair for Nearly All Makes and Models
  • The Ones to Call For Heater Core Repair and Heater Core Replacement
Keep your car safe and comfortable and let our heater core repair shop take care of your auto climate control heat/cool not working. With our honest and forthright estimates, and our commitment to superior service, you’ll receive nothing but the highest level of climate control with heater core repair & heater core replacement available.

Auto Climate Control Repairs for Heat/Cool

Many people think that it is too expensive to get their climate control working properly, and just keep “toughing” it out. Putting off heater core replacement or heater core repair may not be the best approach. The problem with this is that not only are you wasting time scraping ice off the inside of your windshield in the middle of winter, but even after you are driving, your window will continue to fog. Few people want to waste the time pulling over to re-scrape their windshield, and actually end up risking serious accidents in the process. Auto climate control repair isn’t always only needed when your entire system shuts down. Often it is only a portion of your climate control not working. Sometimes just the heating portion of it will fail that will require heating core repair and heater core replacement. More often, just the cooling portion of your climate control will need repair. One accident will cost vastly more than just getting your auto climate control working properly. Heater core repair and heater core replacement is certainly more cost effective and safer for you and your passengers. If your auto climate control is not working, call A Street Automotive in Auburn and let us show you how comfortable driving in the great Northwest can really be. Call us and schedule our auto climate control services for heater core replacement and heater core repair for your vehicle today!

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