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Clutch Repair

Clutch Repair Services Available in Auburn

Did you know that your vehicle clutch is made out of a material that is similar to the same material that brakes are made out of? A vehicle clutch was invented to help transfer power from an engine that needed to run constantly, to your wheels that couldn’t always be turning. The process of constantly starting and stopping the transfer of power requires nothing but the most durable of materials that can take advantage of both friction and strength. While your clutch is truly made from a very durable and long lasting material, the amount that we use our clutches makes them wear out relatively quickly. With most vehicles, they will require clutch repair and/or clutch replacement between 60K miles and 100K miles.

Clutch Replacement Services for Most Major Makes and Models

Many people will again think that car clutch repair or clutch replacement is only for the rich people, and will try to postpone getting a new clutch as long as possible. The problem with this is that your clutch is a very rapidly spinning disk, coupled with high pressure, and will damage the flywheel if the pad material is worn off. Delaying service for a new clutch causes more damage and will cost even more money to fix when you finally are forced to take it in for clutch repair or a clutch replacement. Our clutch repair experts can test your vehicle's clutch for you and let you know if you are in need of clutch replacement or clutch repair.
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Need a New Clutch for Your Car or Truck?

You might noticed that after you get a replacement clutch, that your car seems to have more power as well. This is usually caused by the fact that before you get your car clutch repair done, the old clutch is slipping and wasting some of your engine's energy in the transfer. A new clutch will restore the friction between your engine’s flywheel, and correctly transfer the power to your wheels. Our clutch replacement technicians are experienced in providing the clutch repair services you need. A new clutch for your vehicle can even improve your gas mileage as less power is wasted and more actually gets to your wheels where you actually need it. For all your car and truck clutch repair and clutch replacement needs, bring your vehicle in to see the experts at A Street Automotive. With 30+ years of experience with clutch repair and clutch replacement, you won't find a better shop to get a new clutch in the Auburn area!

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