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Do you find yourself having to watch your car to make sure that it doesn’t overheat all the time? Do you have to fill your coolant reservoir every time you use it? Does your car leave puddles of water underneath it whenever you park? If you are experiencing a coolant leak, then chances are you are in need of cooling system repair. Your car cooling system uses a blend of water and anti-freeze to rush through your engine and help to take away some of the excess heat build-up that is a result of your pistons firing. The water/anti-freeze mixture is then piped out of your engine and into other portions of your car. It runs through your heating element for the inside of your car that helps to provide the cabin with heat, and aids in the defrosting of your windshields. It also runs through your radiator where it is cooled down before returning to your engine. The importance of the systems on this path helps to exemplify the importance of maintaining your car cooling system with cooling system repair services whenever you notice a possible coolant leak.

A Coolant Leak Can Cause Your Vehicle to Overheat

A Street Automotive is highly experienced in coolant leak detection and car cooling system repair. We can inspect all of your truck or car cooling system and make sure to conduct any coolant leak repair that we find. With the many pipes and systems that are involved with your car cooling system, it is important that you bring your car or truck into someone experienced in coolant leak repair, and can get the job done right the first time.
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  • Car Leak Repair and Detection

The Car Cooling System Plays an Important Part

As your car cooling system ages, so do the pipes and seals that contain the coolant and transport it from each system to the next. With age, they become brittle and run the risk of bursting or developing holes. If you lose coolant through a coolant leak, your engine ceases to be able to cool itself, and temperatures inside your engine skyrocket. If the coolant leak continues and cooling system repair isn’t conducted in time, the excess heat can warp or crack your heads, destroy gaskets, and cause irreparable damage to your engine. Often times, an engine that has overheated is more cost effective to just replace than try and repair all the damage. Call the cooling system repair experts in Auburn and let us check to see if your truck or car cooling system is in need of coolant leak repair. We’ll get your car leak repaired in no time!

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