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Differential Repair

Complete Differential Repair Services Available in Auburn

If you notice that your car is difficult to steer around corners, it is possible that you need to have your differential repaired. Your differential is what allows each of your powered wheels to still receive power, but turn at different speeds. This lets the inside wheel of the corner spin slightly slower than the outside wheel, while still providing your car with the power it needs to maintain its speed. A car needing rear differential repair or front differential repair can have an enormous amount of strain and stress being put on other systems as well as the cars framework. This un-due stress and strain if not attended to, can quickly turn a small differential repair project, into a large one.

Rear Differential Repair for Auburn Area Vehicles

A Street Automotive offers rear differential repair and gear repair to nearly all makes and models, and has the experience and knowledge to get your car back up to speed quickly.
  • Differential Repair for Nearly All Vehicle Makes and Models
  • Rear Differential Repair, Minor Gear Repair or Entire Rear End Repair
  • Rear End Repair or Replacement
  • Many Different Gear Ratios for Rear End Repair Available
Get your rear differential repair service as quickly as possible if you notice something isn’t right. Don’t let it put unneeded wear and tear on your tires and vehicle. Having rear differential repair done quickly, you could save your tires from thousands of miles of wear.

Front Differential Repair for Most Major Makes and Models

Are you looking to get a lower gear ratio at the same time as you get your front differential repair or rear differential repair done? Or maybe you are looking to get a higher gear ratio to help save on gas for those long road trips? If you are looking to just get your rear end repaired or looking to get your gear ratio changed, look no farther than our differential repair experts. We can provide you with expert complete rear end repair or simple gear repair to suit your needs. If you are noticing a grinding noise coming from your vehicles rear end, or maybe from underneath the middle of the vehicle, there is a good chance that your vehicle may need gear repair or differential repair. It’s far easier to set up a time now with our front or rear differential technicians to get the gear repair done while you can still drive. If you wait too long, you may need to have your vehicle towed in. Come see A Street Automotive for all your front and rear differential repair and gear repair.

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