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Radiator Repair

Radiator Repair and Maintenance Services in Auburn

Radiator repair helps to service one of your vehicles most vital systems that keep it running. Without proper engine cooling from a well-maintained radiator system, your engine could over heat and destroy itself from the inside out. A Street Automotive offers both complete radiator repair as well as other radiator services like a radiator flush, radiator leak detection, and complete radiator replacement. For over 30 years, our radiator repair shop has provided the greater Western Washington area with the best radiator repair service available.
  • Complete Radiator Repair and Radiator Service
  • Radiator Flush and Fluid Replacement
  • Huge Selection of Radiators Available
  • Radiator Repair and Radiator Replacement for Most Makes and Models
Your engine always makes sure to get you to your appointments on time.

A Radiator Flush Helps To Remove Rust and Contaminants

If you are wondering what a radiator flush is, chances are you already need to have one done to your vehicle. Over the course of time and use, your vehicle pulls in cool water from your radiator, cycles it though the engine where it helps to remove much of the heat from the internal combustion, and then deposits the hot water back into your radiator. Your radiator runs the water through fins and veins that are exposed to air, which then in turn helps to strip the heat away from the water. What many people don’t realize about your coolant is that another important function that it serves is to help remove corrosion and rust from the engine. As your coolant provides this important function, it becomes saturated with the rust and corrosion until it is little better to have run through your engine than the corrosion itself. A radiator flush not only removes all the old and saturated fluid, but it also helps to suck out all the remaining particles of rust and corrosion. After this is accomplished, then we put back new fresh fluid and make sure it has a chance to filter through your entire engine. A regular radiator flush also serves to help ease wear and tear on your water pump and hoses. They are also affected by the corrosion and rust that your coolant picks up as well.

Auburn Radiator Replacement Services for Damaged Radiators

During our radiator inspection process, the technician may suggest that a full radiator replacement is warranted. If your vehicle's radiator is damaged beyond repair, we also have a large selection of radiator replacement units. There are many reasons why a radiator will stop functioning correctly, but if you are in need of a full radiator replacement, you can depend on us. We will explain your options and do our best to get you back on the road quickly. Bring your vehicle to A Street Automotive and let us take care of your next regular radiator flush, radiator repair or radiator replacement!

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