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Suspension Repair

Suspension Repair and Maintenance Services in Auburn

Many people think that your suspension system is only a part of the car to help smooth the ride while you drive. While this is an important part of what your suspension system does, it is by no means the most important part of its job. Your suspension system is responsible for keeping an even pressure on each of your wheels and ensuring that each tire maintains rolling traction with the road. This means that putting off suspension repair, your suspension system may not be working properly, and your vehicle is in danger with every stop and corner that you take. A Street Automotive has been performing suspension repair and shock replacement for over 30 years. Making sure that we do our best to keep cars safe on the road.

Shock Replacement & Repair for Auburn Vehicles

With our years of experience and commitment to providing our Auburn area clients with the best suspension repair and shock replacement available, you can rest assured that no one does suspension repair services better than A Street Automotive.
    • Over 30 Years of Successful Suspension Repair
    • Shock Replacement and Repair for Air Shocks or Hydraulic Shocks
    • Suspension Repair for Nearly All Types of Suspension Systems
Another very important function that your suspension system provides your vehicle with is to mitigate the vibrations from the road. You may think that the road is a smooth place to drive, but without your suspension system, your car would literally be rattled apart piece by piece. Our suspension repair services are designed to keep your suspension system in tip-top shape. Your suspension system helps to protect all the other pieces of your car from vibration damage.

Auburn Suspension System Specialists

Shocks are a part of your car suspension system and are the component responsible for much of the vertical motion received from inconsistencies of the road. They are especially necessary for absorbing large impacts. Often you will see hydraulic fluid begin to leak out of shocks needing repair or shock replacement. As the fluid leaks out and leaves your car more and more in need of shock replacement or repair, more and more of the impacts that your car experiences are taken up by other portions of your suspension system that weren’t designed for that much impact. This leads to more damage to your shocks, suspension system and even other parts of your vehicle. Get your shock replacement or shock repair done at the first sign of leaking shocks or an inconsistent ride. A Street Automotive will get your suspension repair or shock replacement done right, back to the manufactures specifications, and helping to protect the rest of your vehicle.

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