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Timing Belt Replacement

Timing Belt Replacement Services in Auburn

Missing a crucial timing belt service or failing to conduct a timing belt replacement in time, can be one of the most costly oversights that your engine can incur. Many of todays vehicles are so focused on fuel efficiency, that they cut corners when it come to the area of timing belts. In most of today’s engines, a timing belt breakage will actually destroy multiple things inside of your engine. Things like valves, pushrods, and even your heads can be damaged, bent, and destroyed when your timing belt service is ignored. At A Street Automotive we recommend that you bring your car in for a timing belt replacement or service every 60,000 miles.
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Timing Belt Replacement for Auburn Area Vehicles

Many people today on a budget, try and skip timing belt replacement and timing belt service because their cars seem to run just fine even well after the manufactures recommended mile for timing belt replacement. Timing belts usually break without notice, and instantly cause damage without warning. The repairs alone caused by broken timing belts are many times over what it costs to just get your timing belt replaced at the appropriate time. There are many other components in the same area as timing belts that are all engineered to be serviced around the same mileage as your timing belt service, and to save on costs and potential danger, should all be replaced at the same time. In many engines, this will include the tensioner, belt, idler, water pump, and even your cam and crank seals. Usually the cam and crank seals will last until your second timing belt replacement unless you are already experiencing oil leaks in that area.

Timing Belts Don't Last Forever

Don’t let yourself get stuck trying to repair your engine after skipping a regular timing belt replacement. And don’t let yourself get stuck out on the road, stranded by broken timing belts. Something like timing belt replacement or repair can’t be done over night, and could be a horrible way to have your vacation or road trip cut short. Call A Street Automotive today and schedule us to get your timing belt replacement taken care of every 60,000 miles. We’ll make sure that your timing belt doesn’t leave you stranded.

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